What About Fall & Winter?


fall-In fall, you have the classic jobs of cleaning out the gutters again (if needed due to leaves falling) and raking the leaves. The leaves can be handled in a number of ways. You can blow the leaves out of your front yard, though it might be considered littering according to some people. You can mulch your leaves and use it for compost. You can even bag them up and put them in garbage bags too, if you like the old fashioned way.

-It will be time for entertaining and hosting family gatherings during the fall. Thanksgiving and Christmas are but two of the holidays you can expect to be invited to; or if you are the host, be able to host the gatherings. This means buying food and cooking. It is meeting with both family and friends. It is making memories. Some people go for that kind of thing. After all what goes together better than holidays, loved ones and food? Something else you want to do in preparation for winter is to check that weatherstripping and make sure it’s good and sealed. You do not want that warm air escaping and the cool air in! NOT FUN! I had that unfortunate experience during the winter and it isn’t something I would recommend.


We know winter all too well. There are sometimes some home repair items to do inside. Painting is not the best idea to do during winter, but shoveling the snow is a typical job where you actually have snow. For those that may not have snow, there are some ideas to do home repair during the winter. Check those hinges on the doors, lubricate those squeaks you have in the house and do simple things like that.

winterWinter is a time where you can relax and do some movie watching, take time with family and cook your favorite meals. Of course this means that it can be harder to clean, but it is easier with help since we have relatives around to lend a hand. This is normal since everyone is home. There is also plenty to eat.
These are the maintenance tasks for each season as I have described.