Seasonal Maintenance

The Seasons! Yep, All four of them!

By Cynthia Brady

Now that may depend heavily on where you live. In Texas, for example, we joke that there are only two seasons; Summer and Winter. Summer is almost all year round and we get a complimentary (if we’re lucky) 2 weeks of very cold weather. ┬áThe cold weather is usually in about January or February of each year. Sometimes you even get snow! Yes, Snow in Texas!! It is crazy. We’ve had that once or twice, but I don’t count on it. It’s pretty rare to see.

Okay so for the rest of the nation, there is Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Here is what is customary to help you maintain your house throughout the four seasons. There may be more, but these are what typically come to mind when thinking about the seasons.


spring cleaning-Though Spring cleaning is typically done in the Spring, some people don’t actually have or even want to wait until spring to clean. It is usually after the first of the year when New Year’s Resolutions are made.
Most people during this season “Spring Clean” and they make an effort to clean their houses after a cold winter. This can happen for one of two reasons, or people might have more reasons than that to do it. One is that they want to organize their homes and clean out the old, in with the new type thing. The other is to just let the fresh Spring air fill the house after entertaining for the holidays or just because people have had to stay inside all winter long.

-Spring is also when you need to make home repairs and maybe that’s when you paint the house or do outdoor paint projects and good weather for yard sales. You need to clean out the gutters and make sure that the house is in good running order. This is probably one of the best seasons to paint since the temperature most of the time is moderate and temperature is perfect. In preparation for Summer though, you want to check that weatherstripping on the exterior doors. You won’t want that cool air escaping through any cracks between the door frame and the actual door in the summer when it’s hot!


This is the season of the year where most kids stay home because school is out. It is harder to get outside to do home maintenance because it is too hot and you want to stay indoors.

summer house-This is also a good time to have the air conditioner checked so that it doesn’t fail on you. You do NOT want to have it be eighty-five degrees in a house in the middle of summer! NOT FUN! Replacing an air conditioner can be one of the most expensive home installations you will ever have. I know because I did it about two years ago. It was pretty expensive to have done. It however has been worth it since we are heading into summer and a working air conditioner is a great thing to have in this heat.

-In dry climates, you will not have to mow the lawn as often, especially if you are in a drought situation. This happens in Texas, Arizona, and most of the Southwest at some point in time. Not many home maintenance things need to be done in the summer, though, as I mentioned it is a good time for a/c maintenance.

Perhaps before the fall seasons, you may want to look at the weatherstripping on the main doors of your house so that all that warm heat can stay in the house. The cold can also stay out.