Positive Effects of Paida Lajin

Many have responded well to Paida Lajin therapy at the Pailala Institute. Self-healing through Paida Lajin encourages individuals to take responsibility for their own conditions. Community is an important aspect to consider when seeking therapeutic healing. The Pailala Institute recognizes that sometimes individuals need outside help and guidance to facilitate physical, mental, and emotional healing. Fasting is often part of Paida Lajin protocol because limiting what the body takes in can really serve as a catalyst to the body’s internal regenerative abilities. The ancient and simple practices of Paida and Lajin come together to provide:


These aspects, once actively practiced are then available and accessible throughout all aspects of one’s daily life. This constant practice can be done by anyone, anywhere. All bodies have the capability to heal themselves and to get stronger.

The Inner Workings of Paida Lajin

Ultimately, he self-healing emphasis provided by Paida Lajin therapy works mainly through utilization of the body’s entire energy processes. For instance, once an area is targeted through focused Paida Lajin practices, pent up energy is able to be released through the body’s meridians, thus allowing for better flow and promoting detoxification. The Pailala Institute exists to carefully instruct and guide individuals through these healing processes. The gradations of cracking and stretching the body through Paida Lajin therapy localizes the release of tension and encourages circulation through the blood and encourages hormonal balance.

Additional Benefits of Self-Healing through Paida Lajin

Paida Lajin is known for its main abilities to promote positive healing processes such as:

Paida Lajin encourages renewal and regeneration of the body. Out with the old, in with the new! As one goes through the practices of Paida Lajin, old cells, damaged tissues, and toxic build up is expelled. We accumulate and carry so much as we go through our daily lives. Muddy waters and poisonous toxins can slow us down or hold us back from improving or progressing throughout life.

Sometimes with Paida, purging will take place. This purging may occur in certain individuals and is nothing to worry about; this is the body cleansing itself and getting ready for true internal healing to take place. These detoxification reactions are normal and show that the body is improving itself and beginning the regeneration processes. Elasticity and flexibility within the body’s tendons is necessary in order to promote blood flow and the fluidity of Chi.