paida lajin treatment

The Institute also offers incredible Paida Lajin workshops all across the world. These workshops are invaluable in that they provide attendees with a safe space to do activities such as:

Meditative Jogging
One Day of Silence

These workshops focus on Paida Lajin benefits, health care and emphasize natural self-healing. Each program ensures that attendees are experiencing compassion, true health and vitality, joy, wisdom, and longevity.
More About Paida Lajin

Paida, as discussed above, is the act of slapping or patting the body to stimulate the release of things it does not need. This can be done at anytime throughout the day. Everybody is different, so the duration of the tapping depends on each person’s tolerance and individual health conditions.
Lajin more generally means to stretch the ligaments and tendons of the body. Lajin, when done correctly and in conjunction with Paida, can open up blocked areas of the body that might have been holding too much tension or stagnant energy.