Lawns Maintenance

Lawns: Maintain Yourself, or Outsource the job?

lawn careThat is only something you can decide. Are you going to buy a gas lawnmower and cut it yourself, or are you going to hire a company to maintain it? This is only something you can determine thorough your budget. I think lawn care prices can be and often are reasonable if you look around. Of course, this varies region to region and of course, company to company. You will probably want to talk to friends and neighbors about what lawn care service they use, if they pay for that service. The phone book or a quick Google search can be a good way to find a lawn care company. Read reviews on websites like Yelp!, Facebook and other review sites and see if they are a good match for you.

For lawn care maintenance though, you need to find out how often they will mow the lawn and how much they charge. From my own experience though, lawn care services are not something we can afford right now, so we just do it ourselves. It’s not hard. It just means you have the equipment and the time to maintain your yard. This of course, depends on how big your lawn is and how often you should mow it. If it is a big lawn, it probably is worth it to have someone cut it. Again, it depends on what your budget is like.

Pools: Are they worth it?

If you have a pool, you have options as well. You can go to a pool Supply Store and get the supplies and chemicals you need to clean the pool yourself. You may be spending a bit of time learning about pool maintenance, especially if you haven’t done it before. You can be successful if you can do it on your own. You can save a bit of money that way. There are some that aren’t comfortable doing it, and that’s okay. You hire a professional to do that.

pool careThis of course, is dependent on if you have a pool at all. If the house didn’t come with a pool and you don’t want one, then you can skip this part and enjoy your yard. Now if you wanted something like those inflatable or plastic pools, then yes, you will need to keep the water clean and not let the water sit so that it doesn’t grow something weird like mold or attract flies or any animals to the water.