paida lajin self healing

Pailala Institute utilizes Paida Lajin therapy techniques in order to catalyze the body’s natural healing processes. Paida Lajin emphasizes self-healing. Many are coming to the institute because of its possibility to work wonders for those seeking true self-healing. Translated into English the words Paida Lajin mean “beat-pull” because this therapy involves strengthening the body and thus stimulating it to pull out toxins or bad blood.

What is Paida Lajin like at the Pailala Institute?

Pailala Institute offers many different ways for you to heal yourself naturally with the established classic Chinese technique of Paida Lajin. This profound method of therapy finds its origin in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Pailala Institute offers a variety of video classes, tutorials, and lectures to instruct people on how best to heal themselves through this wonderful therapy. Here is a list of more of their offerings:

105 Video Lessons
Video Tutorial

This Institute does indeed have 105 lessons to teach others about the self-healing practice of Paida Lajin. These lessons will provide users with the experience necessary to reap the benefits of this therapy. 16 of these lessons are in text form, while the other 89 are in video form.

Podcasts on Paida Lajin are helpful for users who like to listen and learn on the go. If someone has a membership with the Pailala Institute, he or she will be able to gain full access to these podcasts. The podcasts are available in a few different languages.

Another of their resources, the video tutorials and their video lectures are also accessible on their website by membership.

The Institute’s certification process involves an extensive coaching program. This program is useful for those seeking to help others heal themselves.