Is it time for an inspection? Yes!

home inspectionOne thing as a new homeowner you should do is is request an inspection on the house, including pest control phoenix inspection. This means that there are certain conditions and standards homes have to meet to be considered habitable and safe. This means the inspector looks for termites, infestations and other pests that need to be taken care of. There are a number of things the inspector looks for. If the hose was built before a certain year, you need to check for Asbestos and lead paint. There are other considerations for older homes too. The wiring may not be up to current safety code or have some other things that you may just have to work around it.

If the inspection does come back with something, I’m sure there’s an option that will help you remedy it as you settle into your new house. A clean inspection is what you want.
There may be a need to have your house inspected at different times. Most of the time inspections are when you first buy a house. Other times it may be when you are selling the house and someone else inspects it. Usually home inspections are not done that often, but they are done, as I mentioned for various reasons.

Home inspections are not a bad thing and often tells the buyer and a third party (like a bank) what kind of home you bought.
Inspections tell you lots of things. They tell you when the home was built, what kind of building material it was made with, and what kind shape it’s in. The inspector can look for clues as to what is wrong with the house. Just like a detective, inspectors can find other things that need to be brought to the attention of the owner. There are minor things too that the inspector looks out for.

Unless someone knows a good deal about construction and building or inspecting houses, most don’t know a lot about what to look for in a house.

Budgets!!! Really???

home maintenance budgetI know, budget sounds like a bad word when a lot of people simply have no idea what they spend every month. Unfortunately this is true for about half of Americans. They don’t know what they take in and what goes out each month. This is when you get into financial trouble. Now that you have your home payment factored into what you bring home from your job each month, we need to talk services.
Most people think of services like TV, Internet, Utilities or other services like water you may have currently. No, not those kind of services. Now that you are in a house, you need different services in addition to those already (hopefully hooked up) services. Something that goes with a home of your own is maintenance. Part of having a home (and maybe a yard) is lawn maintenance.